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formerly The Conservatory of Puppetry Arts (COPA)
1062 N. Fair Oaks Avenue - Pasadena, CA 91103 - phone - fax: 626-296-1536


Heather Hoggan

Heather is president of the Arroyo Arts Collective, which blankets Northeastern Los Angeles. Four years ago, the organization featured a month long puppet festival. Alan cook was a featured speaker at the event. Because Heather’s husband, husband, Frank Parrello, is a puppet collector.,Heather came to IPM to buy him a membership as a birthday gift. She was intrigued by the volunteer opportunities at the museum and offered to help.

With 30 years of background working at a financial institution, she had many valuable skills. At IPM she is cataloguing, writing descriptions and working on the database. Her goal is to simplify that database process.

Beth Fernandez (& Heather Hogan) started her career when, at the age of 15,  she became a student of John Zweers at a YMCA puppetry class. Her career includes performing mini puppet shows for birthday parties at Macabob’s Toy Store in Pasadena for 5 years and traveling puppet shows and performing in the theater at Geniiland in Van Nuys for 15 years. She opened puppet theaters, one in Norwalk and one in Anaheim but being an independent puppeteer suited her better.

She is a charter member of the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry. Her activities in puppetry include president, newsletter editor, and secretary of LAGOP. She has been a regional director of Puppeteers of America and was a consultant of Public Relations. She has worked at many puppet festivals on registration and doing workshops.

Her work experience includes assistant director of alumni relations at Whittier College, alumni and public relations director at Rio Hondo College and alumni relations at CSU Stanislaus
At IPM, her title is Registrar. She is in charge of cataloguing the puppets. She also takes many of the photographs of the puppets in the database as well as doing other jobs. She is a very important member of the IPM board.

Frank Parrello (& Heather Hogan)

Frank is interested in puppets and has a collection of his own. He is a design consultant for historic preservation, making old buildings work again. He has been helping photograph puppets in the collection.

Phaedra Giannini

A graduate of Chapman College, Phaedra recently moved to Los Angeles. She found IPM on the web and was intrigued by the idea of helping out as well as meeting new people. She has been organizing the boxes of puppets. Her service has been very valuable to IPM.

She has just started the Masters Program in Occupational Therapy at Dominguez Hills University. She will be taking a leave of absence from the puppets but we hope she will return when time allows.

She will be missed.

Nicole Emmons

A newcomer to IPM, Nicole recently graduated from Cal Arts. Her field is stop-action amimation. Her father gave her 21 Wayang Golek puppets for Christmas and he  suggested that she might use them as stop action puppets!  Until she has a full-time job, she has offered her services to IPM.

Lady Harrington – learned about IPM from a mutual friend while she was a volunteer in the department of archaeology lab at U.C.L.A. Since she lived in Pasadena, she wanted to volunteer closer to home.

Lady took classes in archaeology where she made contacts with archaeologists. They were so impressed by her knowledge that they invited her to join them on their archaeological projects. This experience greatly enriched her life.

She has been director of volunteer service at St. Lukes Hospital in Pasadena as well as director of development at the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce.
We were intrigued to learn that she had received her pilot’s license when she was 50. Since her husband and family were pilots, she decided to take a pinch hitter coarse in flying and then went on to earn her license.

Lady is an outstanding and cheerful volunteer. She is capable of doing many jobs so necessary to process the puppets.


Stephen Seymour

When IPM was moving to a new location up the street, a miracle happened! Beth Fernandez, IPM director, was wheeling a rack of marionettes up the alley. A volunteer from the Jackie Robinson Center saw her and asked, “what are you doing?”  She explained to him that she was moving the puppets to a new location. He inquired, “what puppets?” and “why?” In this way, Stephen Seymour learned about the existence of the Conservatory of Puppetry Arts.

Seymour immediately pitched in to help with the move. Since his introduction to IPM, he has helped with moving and arranging and organizing the new space, doing carpentry and other manual labor, and photographing the puppets for the database. He has been an exceptional volunteer with many needed skills.

Steve Golden

Since Steve's arrival, the database and storage space are much more manageable and efficient. He has improved the packing and cataloguing system He attributes  his supremely able organizing capabilities to his mother, who was a librarian. Read more...



Gayle Schulter

Everybody in puppetry knows Gayle Schluter. She has served on national, regional and local boards and festival committees, providing invaluable leadership and organisational skill. Puppeteers are a part of her are family. Her home is always open to them for parties and meetings and a place to stay. It is her way of getting puppeteers to know each other better and exchange ideas. Read more...


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