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Toy Theater

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Toy theater , also called paper theater and model theater , is a form of miniature theater dating back to the early 1800s in Europe. Toy theaters were often printed on paperboard sheets and sold as kits at the concession stand of an opera house , playhouse , or vaudeville theater . Toy theaters were assembled at home and performed for family members and guests, sometimes with live musical accompaniment. Toy theater saw a drastic decline in popularity with a shift towards realism on the European stage in the late 19th century, and again with the arrival of television after World War II . Toy theater has seen a resurgence in recent years among many puppeteers , authors and filmmakers and there are numerous international toy theater festivals throughout the Americas and Europe.

Sources for Toy Theater
Amazon.com - Tom Tierney "Peter Pan" and "The Nutcracker"





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Shakespeare - Webb's Design

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Lilliput Playhouse, Springfield, Mass, designed by A. Silvan Eeroe (15" x 15" x 10.5")


J. Redington desin, printed by Pollock's London (22" x 22.5" x 17.5")

Nisse-Teatret, Scandinavia., 1930's. This theater is an advent calendar.

The Savoy Theatre, 'The Mikado", 1930's


Webb's Design is the same print as top photo (in a frame) (18 ½" x 16" x 4 ½")


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