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Candy Clark's Generous Donation
of Bufano Puppets

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You may remeber Candy Clark from films like American Graffitti and The Man Who Fell From Earth (with David Bowie). She has just donated her collection of Bufano puppets. Read about him at

Candy Clark Candy Clark American Graffiti Candy Clark in American Graffiti  

Ventriloquist dummies are from my collection. We opened a crate closed since c. 1967. Was packed at back of N. Hollywood Garage and then buried in Altaden until NOW.

Ventriloquist Dummies Ventriloquist Dummy Ventriloquist Dummy Ventriloquist Dummy  

Walter Scott marionettes, 25 of them!

Walter Scott Marionettes Walter Scott Marionettes Walter Scott Marionettes Walter Scott Marionettes

Dimitri Carter & Alan Cook


Over the past six decades, Alan Cook has amassed an internationally acclaimed collection of over 5,000 puppets. Included are traditions from around the world and works by prominent puppeteers from the past few centuries. After a panel of artists, consultants and advisors carefully considered institutions across the West Coast, the Northwest Puppet Center was chosen to become the permanent home for the collection.

The Cook/Marks Collection is named for Alan Cook and Jacqueline Marks. In 1999, a group of friends gathered in California to help Alan with the important task of organizing the collection and helping decide on a permanent home. Jacqueline has been one of these dedicated volunteers and a generous benefactor. A very kind and visionary contribution by the Jacqueline Marks Fund of The California Community Foundation has been made to support the endeavor.
Learn more about NWPC – www.nwpuppet.org

Alan Cook collection going to
Northwest Puppet Center in Seattle, WA.
Great Media Coverage
Check it out!

Donor Spotlight:
Jackee Marks Finds Passion with Puppets
CCF News - July 2010
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Northwest Puppet Center's
"The World of Puppetry" Exhibit Seattle's Child
Community Bulletin Board, July 2010

Jim Tune, writer of that blog, is CEO of a large foundation and he also sent a mass email out to his list of business leaders and philanthropists.

Misha Berson, Theatre Critic from Seattle Times, said she was going to cover the exhibit and I'm hoping that will come out this coming Weds., Thurs., or Fri.


Dimitri Carter
Dimitri Carter with Japanese rod puppet.

The editor of Seattle's Child including special mention of the exhibit in the July magazine which already hit stands in late June.

Washington State Arts Commission has expressed interest and staff and/or commissioners will likely visit the exhibit.

We'll be setting up at Seattle Center Pavilion next week. The puppets are prepped for installation and ready to go. That's the news from here.

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Dimitri Carter
Dimitri Carter with Knight puppet.

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