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IPM Library of Past Exhibits

Menagerie of Puppets

Welcome to IPM's Virtual Exhibit. We will be changing these images seasonally. Check back to see our new collections.

China - Traditional design of a general with pheasant feathers in headdress and papier mache mask. Stories and costumes were adaptations from Peking opera. >>>

Bali - Shadow puppet designed as a fierce male. Leather with control stick of horn. Used in traditional epic drama such as the Ramayana. The shows lasted all night. Light for the shadows was provided by an oil lamp. Similar puppets were used in Java.

India - Indian Marionette

Mali, Africa - Bambara people. Horse and rider of carved painted wood with cloth. The strings activate the rider's arms.

Mahlmann Puppet

U.S.A. - Tony Sarg, New York Marionette from Rip Van Winkle show which toured the country. Sarg was a major figure in American puppet history, employing and training future generations of professional puppeteers and inspiring many hobby puppeteers as well.

U.S.A. - Yale Puppeteers, Los Angeles female from Tom and Jerry marionette musical created by Harry Burnett, 1940 -1950's. The Yale Puppeteers appeared on Olivera Street in the 1930's. In 1941 they opened the very popular Turnabout Theater on La Cienega Blvd.

U.S.A. - FDR marionette by Harry Burnett of the Turnabout Theater.

Athens, Greece - Mouse by Athens Puppet Theater. Made under Nazi occupation from available materials such as newspaper, cardboard, poster paint, etc. A group of artists were concerned that Greek children should have some positive childhood memories and so they created a puppet theater for them.

Germany - Kasper by Henry Bockwalt, late 1940's. Hand carved wood. This character is closely related to Mr. Punch.

Bucharest, Rumania - Baby Tandarica, Tandarica Theater mascot, Maria Neculescu, director, 1950's. An older version of Tandarica became the new mascot in the 1960's and the baby was retired.

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