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She was a contributor, a supporter, a friend. Lettie was all those things and more because of her humanity and her strong advocacy of puppetry arts.


formerly The Conservatory of Puppetry Arts (COPA)
1062 N. Fair Oaks Avenue - Pasadena, CA 91103- telephone & fax: 626-296-1536

Lettie Connell Schuburt
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Lettie worked the puppet on the left. Beth Fernandez, Sharon Moyer and Evie Brown at Lettie's Memorial.

The large turnout at her memorial in San Francisco, planned by Mary Decker, was a testimony to her impact on her friends and acquaintances, especially those involved in puppetry arts. Lynne Jennings designed the biographical panels, Lee Armstrong provided a video, Bruce Chessé supplied some of his father Ralph’s puppets from Brother Buzz and Lewis Mahlmann and Randal Metz performed a recreation of George the Dog and the Feather. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!


An open mike was provided for those who wished to share their memories. Among the speakers were Alan Cook, Bruce Chessé, and Kathy Foley.

Red clown noses and bubbles were distributed to salute her playful side.

IPM was represented by Alan Cook, Beth Fernandez, Gayle and Don Schluter, Sharon and Phil Moyer and Evey Brown.

Lettie was one of the manipulators on the very popular Bay area TV show, Brother Buzz. She branched out on TV in a number of other shows. She worked for the Oakland Recreation Department as director of the ORD Vagabond Puppets. Lettie mentored Jerry Juhl and Frank Oz who also worked for the Oakland Recreation Department. Soon after, they went to work for Jim Henson’s Muppets.

Her accomplishments include helping to form the San Francisco Bay Area Puppeteers Guild. She was the organizer of many local, regional and national Puppetry Festivals. She self-published Manual of Hand Puppet Manipulation

She was a tremendous force in American Puppetry, mentoring many young puppeteers.

At Lettie's memorial...

Lettie’s words as remembered by Randal Metz: “We have gathered for fellowship and to share an interest. We have all made contributions. We have received inspiration, involvement, training. We have gained by receiving. We have made lasting friendships. May we continue to receive, to give, to contribute, and most of all, to elevate the art of puppetry, as friends and colleagues into the next millennium.”

At IPM, we are really trying to elevate the art of puppetry!


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