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Hi everyone!

I wanted to let you all know that the Second Annual citywide LA PUPPET FEST will be happening from April 1-April 13! There are many cool events on the list so please check out the website www.lapuppetfest.com as well as the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LAPuppetFest

The LA PUPPET FEST will kick off on Tuesday evening April Fool’s Day with a big gala ball and culminate with the SKIRBALL PUPPET FESTIVAL at the Skirball Museum on Sunday April 13th. If you haven’t seen the promotional brochure and postcard for the Skirball Festival (see below), you might want to check it out! You think you can find yours truly there? It features our giant hawk Airbourne, who will be making another flight at the festival at 10:30, 12:30, and 2:30. Info for purchasing tickets below.

I will also be giving an intensive SHADOW PUPPETRY WORKSHOP for the LA PUPPET FEST on Saturday April 12th, from 2:30-4:30 pm at the Elephant Theater in Hollywood. Details below. If you would like to purchase tickets for my workshop, please do so at http://www.lapuppetfest.com/#!workshops/c10at



When: Saturday April 12th
Time: 2:30-4:30pm

Where: The Elephant Stage complex, 6322 Santa Monica Blvd. LA 90038 (Theater Row near Cahuenga)

Cost: $25
Tickets at: http://www.lapuppetfest.com/#!workshops/c10at

We will cover many aspects of shadow creation, and even perform a few things live, then you will have the opportunity to make your own shadow pieces and share them!

Hoping to see you at some of the fun events!! April is full of exciting stuff!

Last year, after fifty-one years of performing, Coad rang down the stage curtain and plans to devote the rest of his life to passing the hard-earned knowledge to the next generation of puppeteers. He has generously offered to edit the book on the life of Alan Cook, sponsored by the International Puppetry Museum. It will include interviews with Alan as well as many photographs of puppets he collected. Donations for this project are gratefully accepted.

Arlyn Award Society
2012-13 Competition
c/o 4348 Coastview Drive
Garden Bay, BC
V0N 1S1 Canada

or using PayPal

IPM Bakersfield Exhibit

New Home for IPM Puppets  www.nwpuppetrycenter.org | Click here to read more...
The major part of the Cook/Marks collection has relocated to Seattle. The remainder will be there by this spring. The material is now part of the Northwest Puppetry Center collection. Having acquired a new building, the NWPC is now able to store this remarkable collection. We are certain that the NWPC will showcase the puppets and make them accessible to the northwest community.

IPM is planning to vacate the building on Fair Oaks in Pasadena. We will remain active going through puppet related memorabilia and other files of importance to the history of puppetry. We are working on a plan to remain active. We will keep you informed on our activities and progress.

Northwest Puppet Center
was invited to submit a project to this new online giving program and right now Raynier Institute & Foundation is matching gifts, contributing $1 for each $1 donated!

This will help get a new heating system installed in the new building, incredibly important for the on-going care of the collection. If you are able to make a gift, this is a great time to contribute. Please also share to others who might be interested in making a gift.




The World on a String - Puppets from the Alan Cook Collection - Click here to see photos...
January 23 through April 27, 2012

A book about collector Alan Cook is still in the works

Contributions to implement the publication are welcome. Your pledge will ensure that Alan’s life-long devotion to preserving this heritage will be acknowledged.
Your continued IPM membership is the support needed to continue our work of organizing the accumulation of documents, catalogues, photographs and posters. Your support will be appreciated more than words can tell.

Thank you.

Dearest Mister Cook,

My name is Juno and I am from Germany. It don't looks like that I will soon have a chance to come to see the museum by myself but since I am
a child I have a deep love for the puppets of the Lili movie. Reynardo and Marguerite and Carrot top and Golo the sweet Giant....I just find out they are living with you. Wich is wonderful. In those modern times in wich everyone is having a cellphone with camera, may I ask you if you could make a pic for me of the 4 lovely dolls. I would love to know how they are and if they feel fine. I love the movie since my early childhood and told my daughter so much about the 4. It would be a big dream of mine to see them again. To watch the movie the 1000st times is not the same.

Thank you so much for your time!

With kindest Regards and best wishes

Hello Jacqueline,
thank you very much for your nice email and pictures.:)I got a email from the dear Mister Alan Cook as well and that you lovely people had time for me is so amazing that
I have no words to say how thankful I am.
Thanks so much and with kindest regards
Juno from Germany


Kookla Fran & Oli

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